elegant_atrophy's Journal

Wednesday Adams
i'm 17. i live in Alabama. i love to read, and to photoshop, and to listen to music. i love my friends. i love Harry Potter, True Blood, Sex and the City, and anything written by Neil Gaiman or directed by Tim Burton. The Smiths, The Dresden Dolls, Depeche Mode, Nick Cave, Patti Smith, The White Stripes, Cake, Pain and the Gorillaz are amongst my favourite bands. i love anime and manga and i love almost all kinds of poetry. i think Lestat and Eric kick Edward's ass. and i think Sam and Lupin totally pwn Jacob.
i hate when people can't type coherently, and when they waste my time, but i love new friends so if you feel like talking to me, talk.

i love making graphics and these are some people i've snagged resources (or possibly moodthemes) from:
persiascarecrow, tattooedsiren, faeriesfolly, sightsee twinstrikeish ladybanteerin darlaslilgirl jordannamorgan ellaangelus extraobsession anamcr ohfreckle adrastea dustypaper oum_boojae about_forever fragilegraphics mutsie_brushes serenbutter shadedcolor erniemay alinoook erniemay nito_punk geeky_ness icon_textures tinyicon xxxfallsapartxx valensmalice fffounddotcom paper_palace omochaya hepburnette