it's 8 am, so in advance i'm sorry for attempting to write this
i'm sure it'll come out horribly and not make sense but oh well. i already feel like this week is gonna be really long. i'm waiting on an order from Hot Topic [there were Kooks, She Wants Revenge, Moz, White Stripes and City&Color t shirts in 40% off clearance sale along with a really comfy looking purple hoodie marked down from 34 to 8 bucks!] it's supposed to be here sometime this week but i don't know when yet.

yesterday felt like it was 3 days in one. it dragged on forever in the bad parts and the good parts weren't long enough. but i did pick up hair color and a bleaching kit! we got a pretty shiny black dye and, upon finding out Sally's has manic panic, atomic turquoise dye! only sucky part about any of it is that i might not be able to do it until October and i already have the stuff to do it with. Homecoming is.. if i remember correctly, Oct. 18? and my boyfriend goes to a Catholic School who might freak out if i come to their precious dance with blue hair. regardless of the fact that i know they let other girls dye their hair "normal" colours. which i think is just utterly stupid. i don't see what the big flippin deal is, why everyone is so freaked out over coloured hair. and i don't even go to that school, i homeschool, i'd be there for one night and it's not like anyone notices i'm there except for Luke anyway. ..and some of his friends. but they barely talk to me so it barely counts >.>;

butttt, he's supposed to be asking the disciplinarian about it today. which.. that title just sounds so weird to me.. still, if he says no, i can either wait a month and dye it after the dance or mom said we can go ahead and dye it then dye over it with black right before Homecoming then put the blue back in later. i wonder if i just dyed it then used temporary black hair dye for Homecoming if it would work over the blue and then wash out..? that'd be nifty. hmm. i should find out about that.

in other news, but still on the topic of Luke and McGill: he's now in the band, playing, or learning to play, the bass. he had a football game last Friday and he has one this Friday. i want to go and support him but i don't know where it is yet and i wish i had someone i could sit with, since he won't have much of a chance to talk to me and he has to sit with the rest of the band. i know next to nothing of football, i don't go to that school and i'll probably see him for all of ten minutes overall but if me being there will make him happy, then i really want to be there, no matter what.

and in other other news of Luke and McGill and things i'm gonna freak out over, THE DRESDEN DOLLS ARE PLAYING IN NEW ORLEANS NOV. 12, JASON WEBLEY IS OPENING FOR THEM, AND LUKE HAS THAT DAY ALONG WITH TWO OTHERS ALREADY OFF FROM SCHOOL. i am beyond excited about that and i want to go SO badly. it would be so awesome to see all three of them. feionfbrewoar;a. x3 i'm also totally flipping out and fangirling and obsessing over the Big Bang Theory. i've been watching episodes online and the 4th season premieres the 23rd of this month. i'm currently on episode 2 of the 3rd season, and Sheldon is just getting more adorable and awesome as it goes on. Jim Parsons is a wonderful actor, he plays that character perfectly.

then there's True Blood.........which ended Sunday. -sigh- okay, Eric was amazing, and at least he's still alive. i think that's all i'm gonna say about the last episode, and i can't wait for the next season to come out. i'm gonna hate waiting that long, i'm not used to actually being into shows that are still airing. urrrrrgh, Eriiiiiiic. Sookieeeeeee. Biiiiiiiiill. gbeowhroenwa;odhnow. okay well i should stop now cause i really want to watch the Big Bang Theory some more >D i'm gonna finish up season 3 and wait impatiently for the 23rd. [which is one of my favourite numbers, which is awesome.] BYE. :D

for Shelbeast! :D
leonard & sheldon

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what do you guys do for fun around here?
leonard & sheldon

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for teh Abbey!
leonard & sheldon
Claudia/Fargo icons :D i really want to watch this show. -yawns- i'm making more icons, tomorrow, probably, but it's 3 am so i need to get some sleeeeeeep. ah, today is technically Thursday which means i get to see Abbey and Zoe tomorrow! hooraaaaay!

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back to Springhill we go!
so, i found out today that we're moving back in with my grandmother, my uncle and my aunt. at first i didn't know whether to be happy or sad but i think this is going to be a really good thing, actually. we're gonna move in and help clean up, since my grandmother has a broken arm and sprained ankle at the moment and can't do much, she really needs help. i'll get my kitty back, since Neko is living there, at the moment, and i'll be closer to Luke again which makes me really happy. and mom will be really close to her job now, since the Tea Room is basically right up the road from Yaya's house. plus, i've missed Yaya a lot the last few months so i'm glad i'll be able to see her every day. AND, i'll have a bigger room, a room i like a lot, that used to be my uncle's. before we moved into this house i was working on cleaning that up and moving into it but that never happened. i'll be able to decorate it and have my computer and TV in there and mom's said i can have cable on my TV, which i've never had, so that's cool too. i'm a little impatient now, i want to go over and start cleaning stuff out and packing.. i can't wait to pick out stuff for my room! :D /squeeeee

Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind
so, my Mom's home. hooray! excitement! merriment! other fun things! i missed her so much! she brought lots a' candy back with her, and an adorable shirt for me and she said next time she goes to Canada she's taking me, too. so double excitement! i'm also supposed to be going back with Luke, when he goes! what's with everyone wanting to whisk me off to the great white north? O: ah well i'm not going to argue, it'd be really fun to go. PLUS SPEAKING OF COOL PLACES PEOPLE WANT TO TAKE ME.. Moe said as long as i do well once i get these new school books, that he'll try and take us to the Harry Potter theme park in Orlando next year. which is just unspeakably amazingly awesome.

as for things that are awesome and happening much sooner in my future than any of those things--Friday is gonna be great! i'm going with Abbey to a game at her school and then to have Chinese food after and then probably to Marble Slab after that, which i can't wait for. and then the next day, if all goes the way it should, i'm going with Luke, Paige, Abbey, Shelby, Tyler, William, and possibly Zoe, Josh and Ashley! uber big awesome groups of win are so fun. i can't wait for that either!! we're supposed to be going to the park and/or mall around noon, then to Bangkok Thai around 4. omg Bangkok Thai is so good. i wish i could have some now. i'm so hungry.
OH, ALSO. weekend after that i'm going over to Dad and Jaclyn's to see them and to see Momma and i'll probably spend the Friday through Sunday there and go home Monday to be with Mom on her off day. but Sunday i think Luke is coming over to watch True Blood with us, cause it'll be the season finale! i'm SO impatient to find out about Eric, it's driving me crazy!!

i guess i should go to bed, cause i'm tired and my eyes hurt.
but i should also say, i finished the Bell Jar the other day and Sylvia Plath was a freaking brilliant writer. i need a book of her poems.
i started on Drawing Blood, by Poppy Z. Brite but i don't know whether i want to read that, or the Sookie Stackhouse novels first. i have the first two, and then four. arrrghh. decisions! i'll decide tonight in bed!

so, not letting my dogs sleep in my room anymore
Sophie Anne, pearls
elegant_atrophy might be time to try and actually put that plan in action.
cause last night all four of them slept with me, and i woke up minus my favourite pair of sandals (my favourite because my boyfriend gave them to me.) i also woke up with a really bad grumbling in my tummy but that's not the dogs fault.

thankfully, my grandmother is taking me out today to the movies and she said already that there would be a surprise beforehand, which mercifully consisted of a trip to Shoe Station and then to the Whistle Stop cafe for lunch <3 they have awesome mac&cheese, which i've been wanting for two weeks now and really good gumbo, which i haven't had in forever, aaaand baked potatoes the size of your face. i can't waaaait! she's supposed to get here a little before 11. so i'm writing this mostly to waste time :D cause it's 10:39 as i type this.

AH, BUT SPEAKING OF THINGS I CAN'T WAIT FOR. my mom gets home from Canada Sunday. we're going to pick her up in New Orleans and then having lunch/dinner/something somewhere there before we go home cause none of us have been to New Orleans in a long time. (except for when we dropped her off to go but we just went there, got temporarily lost and frustrated--cause the way we were supposed to be going was working out in the worst way and there was an army of cars--found our way to the airport and drove home. i cried when i got in the car and then fell asleep.) she's been gone two weeks, and i miss her a lot. i'm such a baby. but i'm glad she'll be home soon! she keeps talking about all these things she wants to bring back so i have a feeling she's going to bring four extra suitcases with her home. among these things is manic panic blue hair dye for meee! /excited. i'm not sure what shade it's called but we talked about it on the phone. she was in this cool shop and she said they had manic panic and i freaked out cause i've been wanting to dye my hair and if i wanted that stuff here i'd have to order it but this way she can just bring it back with her. we're gonna do it black, with blue on top, a bit like how Ramona's was in Scott Pilgrim. except mine is much longer.



True Blood Sunday, as well. dunno if i'll be home in time to watch it since we're picking her up but if not i'll watch a rerun of it later that night. urgh, everyone is going crazy! it's awesome.
then next weekend, if all goes the way i want it to, i'll get to see Luke, and a bunch of my friends again. we're trying to plan some awesome huge get together. i hope we can <3!
PLUS.. new Harry Potter book? Jaclyn told me about it and i looked it up. JKR said something about revisiting HP in ten years. GAWD. if that happens i won't even know how to feel. i wonder who it'd be about. i'm guessing the children? i wish she'd go back and make a book about when the Marauders and Snape and Lily were in school. that would be awesome. or when Riddle was. geeeez. if she does write another, i bet they make another movie for it. even if it's only cause they'd make more money of off it cause you know they would.
okay. i should go check and see if she's here. maybe i just didn't hear her pull up.

True Blood Icons
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from episode 10~ if you take, please credit.

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getting the hang of it?
Mimi, RENT
i made this journal sometime last year, but i never really did much with it. now, i'm trying to join communities and post my icons as i make them and hopefully soon i'll get used to the site and i won't make so many mistakes.
i just figured out that if i'm going to post something in a community and i want it to save to my journal i have to post it to my journal and make a new entry in the community linking back to that. i made two posts last night and was frustrated because i wanted them to show up in both, now i feel stupid >_> the table thing is also a lot easier than i thought it was going to be. i had no idea there were just generators for it. i'm really enjoying messing around with things so far, except i for the few problems i keep having, which is mostly just with my mood theme. i downloaded two True Blood themes, and i'd uploaded one yesterday, which seemed to be working but now certain images aren't showing up and when i try to replace the links and make them work again, the image shows up but it won't save and it gives me an error saying it's invalid. and i tried to upload the second one but it gave me errors on all of those and i deleted it. so i'm not sure what i should do about that yet but i was getting rather frustrated with it so i decided i'd stop for now and worry about it later. the majority of them are showing up, anyway. i just realized that basically no one is going to be reading this.
maybe i should start trying to make some friends.

Scott Pilgrim Icons
leonard &amp; sheldon
- Scott Pilgrim [20]

if you take, please comment and let me know! :]

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